How to fix eb command not found – Mac Users

How to fix eb command not found – Mac Users

eb command not found - Mac Users Title

eb command not found solution

Having troubles getting started with launching your django website to AWS because of this error? Let’s go over some solutions on how to fix the eb command not found error. 

I experienced this issue on mac so this tutorial will be catered to mac users with the same issue. 

I’m sure you’ve already searched and found a homebrew solution – this seemingly worked for some people but it didn’t me. So, my solution will be using the pip installer. 

I’m trying to launch my django project with python 3. Not python 2, and that’s what I believe I had this issue in the first place.

Solution #1 to eb command not found

The first thing that could be wrong, is that the eb command wasn’t installed in the first place. To install the eb command, you will need to use your terminal and type the following command:

$ pip3 install awsebcli

This will install the awsebcli. To check if it’s installed, you can type the following command:

$ eb — version

Here, if you get the version output then you’re good to go. But if you’re on this page I’m betting that there’s more to your issue than it just not being there. 

Solution #2 to eb command not found

Perhaps the awsebcli just needs to be updated to be found, you try to explicitly call the update feature to try to get access to your eb command. 

$ pip install --upgrade --user awsebcli

Like before, you can then check by by calling eb version to see if it was successful. No? Let’s keep trying solutions.

Solution #3 to eb command not found

Okay, let’s stop playing games with this error and get on with our lives. Let’s bring in the heavy three line terminal shell commands.

Let’s uninstall and reinstall.

$ pip uninstall awsebcli


$ pip3 uninstall awsebcli


$ pip3 install awsebcli

This is actually the solution that fixed my issue. Things get tricky whenever you’re working on a mac because whenever you just call the base ‘pip’ it installs with the system default python 2 in mind. Explicitly calling pip3 forces the system to use the python 3 application installed. Not as lucky as me? Let’s consider the Homebrew solution.

Solution #4 to eb command not found

As a last resort, try using Homebrew to install your awsebcli.

Homebrew really isn’t that bad, I just don’t like using it for personal reasons. If you already have Homebrew installed, you can simply do the following command:

$ brew install awsebcli

If you don’t have brew installed already, you’ll have to run the following command first:

$ brew update

Hopefully one of these fixed your issue in fixing the error of eb command not found!

If not, please comment and I’ll try my best to find a solution to help you. Best wishes!

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