Before Coding Python Read This

Before Coding Python Read This

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What you Should Know before Coding Python

Python is one of the most widely used, well equipped, object-oriented programming languages available today. There’s many different reasons why Python should be your first choice as a coding language. This post will explore those reasons and dive a bit into each. 

Python is User Friendly

Python was made with the developer in mind, not necessarily the end user. Because of this, code is often very easy to read and understand. It was designed to be so!


  • Python Uses White Space – It uses indents in the code to make it more readable to humans.


  • Python was modeled after the english language. Native english speakers will find Python very easy to understand.


  • Concise diction is used almost always as compared to verbose diction. That is to say, less is more to Python.


  • Python does a lot of the heavy lifting for us – it compiles scripts automatically whenever we execute (We don’t have to explicitly call this like in other languages)

Object Oriented Code

What does this mean? Python follows a object system. In short, a developer creates a class in Python. This class can contain variables and functions. Each of these bits of code can be called by using an object. An object is just an Instance of the class. We can then call out the variables and functions defined in the class by using the object.

But English please?

  1. A developer puts a lot of time, sweat, blood, and tears into writing a class or python package
  2. Us, a much more sane individual, uses the work this developer has put in to create our own projects.
  3. Instead of rewriting his code, we can use his classes, his hard work, and apply them to our own projects through objects.
  4. We call specific object variables and functions by typing in the attributes as follows: Object.Attribute

We can see this pretty often whenever we import packages at the top of the scripts. Attributes then follow these package names.

Import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

pyplot in the above is just a function within the given class. We call it by defining the class, denoting a following attribute with a period, and then the attribute we want; in this case it is pyplot. 

Coding Languages Live and Die with the Community

Coding languages are like actual languages. There’s no point in learning a language if you can’t use it to communicate with anyone. Programming languages behave in much the same way.

Yeah, you can do most things with other programming languages that you can do with Python. But if no one else is able to follow up, maintain your work, or work on the project with you, you might as well not even code the project in the first place.

This is why python is so powerful. Being one of the most questioned topics on stack overflow, having a huge community following that create packages for it, and being one of the most used languages in companies, Python is truly on an upswing. 

Companies like Facebook, Google, and Youtube use Python – so it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 

Welcome to the Community

If you don’t already code with Python, I strongly encourage you to make it your first programming language, or add it to your arsenal of other languages. Python is perfect for every level of developer. Whether you’re brand new to coding, or a seasoned veteran, learning Python I’m sure will be fruitful for you. 

If you’re interested and want to learn more about Python, feel free to frequent this sight. If text learning isn’t quite your thing, hop on over to my Youtube channel.

Feel free to post comments, questions, or suggestions there. I try to monitor both the website and the channel as much as I can, but Youtube makes it easy for me to know whenever someone needs some help. 


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