Automatically increase your blog post view count – Python Tutorial

Automatically increase your blog post view count – Python Tutorial

Creating a Python Script which auto opens websites 

  • Open Websites on demand
  • Give time intervals between opening new tabs
  • Refresh tabs programatically.
  • incorporates closing tabs as well. 

PyKeyBoard + webbrowser - Python Blog Post View Count

You can use the script described in my video and use the urls of your blog post. This will create a while loop which will continuously reopen your blog posts in a new tab. This won’t really add any value to your website other than just increase the view counts. Maybe it’s something you can show off to your friend? 

Python Blog Post View Count Script other uses:

  • While loop your blog to increase your blog post views
  • Set up a morning routine which opens all your favorite webpages
  • Continuously check stock tickers
  • Refresh the same pages over and over when waiting for an update
  • Plenty of more – Get creative!
python blog post view count - Code

As always, you can find my code on my GitHub Account. You can find that Here.

You can find the link to PyKeyBoard Here.

If you’re using a Mac, Quartz can be found Here.

Let me know of other cool ways you find to use this script. 

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