Exploring Lake Como in Italy

Exploring Lake Como in Italy

Lake Como Italy

Ferry Hopping around Lake Como

Lake Como is a beautiful lake found in Lombardy, Italy. Once a glacial area, it has since melted and formed a lake enjoyed by many. In 2014, Huffington Post named this lake the most beautiful lake in the entire world. 

Huffington Post, Washington Post, and many others have reviewed this lake as one of the best to visit. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to. 

Taking off from Varenna

The way our group decided to visit lake como was to take a train from Milan, Italy. This was about an hour train ride and ~15 Euro. Once we arrived, we found ourselves in walking distance to the first town of Varenna. From there, you can easily buy a 15 Euro ferry pass to travel around the towns all day long. 

Varenna seemed to be a good starting point for us as we were wanting to visit the towns of Menaggio and Bellagio, both just a short ferry ride away. 


The ferries seemed to run fairly quickly as well – meaning we could very easily hop over to the next town whenever we were down exploring whichever one we were in at the current time. 

Plus the views of each town from the ferry were incredible. Varenna is the town pictured below. 

Varenna from Lake Como

Oen recommendation I would make if you are planning on visiting – make sure you know what the weather will be doing whenever you decide to visit. This photo was taken early on during our trip. You can see that the fog makes some of the sight seeing more difficult – in fact, it completed concealed some of the mountain peaks whenever we had first arrived. Thankfully, the skies cleared up and we were able to get some good photos after lunch. 

A Few Favorite Photos:

Lake Como is a beautiful place to explore and I would totally go back. One day is enough to visit each of the towns and get a feel for each. However, if you want to really get to know the towns – without buying a house like George Clooney – I’d suggest spending a weekend here. I’m sure you wouldn’t get bored. 

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