Meadowood Apartments in Knoxville, TN Review

Meadowood Apartments in Knoxville, TN Review

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Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly:

After living in Meadowood Apartments in Knoxville, TN for our senior year. Daulton and I are beyond informed to tell you what you can expect from living in this apartment complex. We’ll cover how much we paid, the things we liked, the things we didn’t like, and everything in between. Since there are two of us, we should collectively be able to describe the full experience. 

Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN: The Good
Derrick's Perspective:
Location, Location, Location
Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN location

North Knoxville is a great location for a lot of people. Being students, the commute to campus took only eight minutes. Additionally, having a Weigel’s so close to the complex was super beneficial whenever you forgot you ran out of eggs or milk the day before. 

Here’s a list estimated commute times to everywhere we regularly go:

With the Interstate being so close, it opens up a lot of possibilities of places to go quickly. In my opinion, Knoxville is one of the most friendly, environment enthusiast’s paradise.

With so many parks, a great night life, and a bustling downtown area, Knoxville itself is a great place to live and living in Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN puts you pretty close to all of it. 

Two Story Town Houses
Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN - Split Level

One thing I really enjoyed about the Townhouses Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN offered was the multiple levels. Coming from student housing, it was a nice surprise to see that the townhouse we would be renting had stairs to a second level. The second level of the house has two bedrooms, one with a half bath, and the only full bath.

This of course is the 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath townhouse option that Meadowood offers. I’m glad we went with this option over any of the other ones Meadowood offered.

The Landscaping

The exterior of the buildings and the landscaping team at Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN do a great job. The outside is beautiful and there’s a lot of grass and green space to be outside in. Many other complexes are just concrete jungles, but at Meadowood I could step outside and be looking at grass and trees. 

Daulton's Perspective
Price Point

For me, the price point of the apartments was a big selling factor. I’m not one to pay an outrageous amount for apartments, and with the rent at Meadowood Apartments only costing $390 per person (this doesn’t include utilities, but even after those we averaged $475 with a decent electric bill) this is what I was looking for. The apartment isn’t furnished and quite dated, but for the price I knew I could live comfortably in the space provided. There was also very adequate storage space for the most part as well, which was nice. 

Overall, I was pleased with what I was getting for the price. At first. 

Maintenance Staff

I will brag on the maintenance staff of Meadowood Apartments. Granted, it’s not good when you get to know the maintenance staff at your complex well, but that will come later. Every time we had an issue the maintenance staff always responded extremely quickly and were very professional and friendly. They were never rude and always fixed the problem; if they couldn’t fix it immediately, they got the tools and people they needed and got the job done. Thankfully, the maintenance staff was there when we needed them (and that was more than once or twice). 

Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN : The Bad
Derrick's Perspective:
Don't Plan on Using the Gym.
Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN -gym

One major thing that I wanted from an apartment complex that Meadowood seemingly offered was a gym. And While yes, they do have a gym, I would very strongly recommend not going to it and going somewhere else. Here’s why:

  1. The equipment is beyond dated – many of the machines are broken.
  2. Meadowood does not provide wipes to wipe down equipment. Meaning that you have to bring your own, which many people do not do. Bring your own and disinfect the entire facility if you don’t want to chance staff or warts.
  3. It smells odd, but not in the sense of sweat or body odor. We’ll talk about this one more in the ugly section. 
Get used to living in the dark

Upon the initial moving in inspection, it never occurred to me to make sure there were light fixtures in the rooms. It wasn’t until the first night when I went to lay down in my room, that I noticed there were no light fixtures. The light switch in the room only controlled the outlets on the wall.

This isn’t that big of an issue – you can always buy lamps to supplement the lack of a light fixture. But it was definitely an inconvenience at the time of moving in. 

Air Conditioning? That's a good one.

Oh the joys that Daulton and I have had with air conditioning. The thing is, is that there is air conditioning and it works pretty well. The downside? Good luck trying to distribute the air throughout the entire apartment and not lose it all due to poor insulation. 

The apartment upstairs is regularly ten degrees warmer than the downstairs. And while yes, I do understand heat rises, the whole purpose of air conditioning is to maintain the entire apartment at one temperature setting. 

For me, this was a huge deal because for me to sleep, I need a cold room – and fans weren’t going to do the trick. This meant waking up with headaches and not getting a good night’s rest more often than not. 

The Electric Bill
Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN Electric Bills

This one isn’t all on Meadowood, but they certainly didn’t help.

With all apartment complexes, there is going to be a leak of air somewhere. But for us, it seemed like we had a massive gapping hole in our insulation. We consisted received $200+ electric bills through the colder months. With two people, this was absurd. We hardly ever ran the heat and still would find a huge bill at the end of the month. Something you definitely need to consider if you’re occasionally tight on money. 

Daulton's Perspective:
Plenty of Leaky Pipes If You Like Swimming

When I say leaky, it’s quite the understatement. The better term would be flat-out-broken. In the half bathroom inside of my bedroom, the faucet pipes sprayed water underneath the sink inside the cabinets. I, of course, didn’t realize this until I went to grab something from there and felt that everything was soaked.

The hookup where we installed the washer was also broken. When we first ran the washing machine, water seeped out from the wall because the pipes weren’t connected correctly. These were far from the worst of all, however.

One afternoon, when Derrick decided to take a bath, I heard what sounded like a waterfall coming from the kitchen. As he was running water for his bath, it was all falling from the ceiling and back wall in the kitchen (the bathroom is located directly above). It filled the cabinets, dishes and everything else with disgusting, dirty water that we were left to clean up.

Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN : The Ugly
Derrick's Perspective:
If Drugs make you nervous - Don't call this place home.

Don’t take this lightly.

I read some reviews before moving into Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN – just like you’re doing right now. I didn’t think the drugs would be as much of an issue as they are. 

The picture to the left are literally needles I found directly outside my complex building. Just laying on the ground. 

The biggest drug at Meadowood is definitely pot. And while I do not consider pot to be a dangerous drug – it bothered me and my roommate more than what we would like to admit. From waking up and smelling it coming through the vents in the bathroom to seeing people getting arrested for selling. It definitely made a negative impact on my experience.

Earlier, in the gym section I wrote about the smell of the gym. This is because on numerous occasions, whenever I’ve gone to workout, there has been individuals smoking joints in the gym. Unfortunately, this makes the gym unusable in my eyes. The last thing I want to breathe whenever I’m working on my health, is pot smoke. 

Road Construction

While living in Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN, Pleasant Ridge Road received a makeover. The makeover in all was a good thing. They added a sidewalk for people to walk to Weigels on down Pleasant Ridge Road. Overall, it made the appearance nicer.

However, my poor Ford Ranger has felt the wraith of this roadwork nightmare. They is no easy way to turn into the complex at this moment. Everytime I turn into the parking lot, I brace myself as if I’m about to drive over a curve.

Additionally, the roadwork has made the actual road horrible to drive down. I’ve witnessed cars driving 5 mph down this street in order to spare their vehicles. 

Poor Community of People

Look, I get that a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch. That isn’t lost on me. 

But I’ve had numerous interactions and experiences to formulate what I believe to be a strong opinion on the type of people living in Meadowood Apartments. While yes, there are good people at Meadowood, I seem to have only been around the bad ones.

To give you a very brief set of experiences at Meadowood:

  • I’ve met around 20 people living at meadowood. Of those 20, around 7 have asked on the first interaction if I’m a pot smoker. Whenever answering no, they immediately lose interest and walk away.
  • My vehicle has been burglarized – Twice. 
  • My neighbors consistently change – it seems whenever people finish their lease, they do not want to stay. 
  • I’ve seen upwards of ten drug deals for what I assume to be pot. 

Like I said, a few bad apples spoil the bunch. But to me the whole barrel is rotten at Meadowood Apartments. 

Meadowood Apartments Knoxville TN: In conclusion

The actual apartment is nice and is an ideal location. This made my experience not so bad at Meadowood. However, given the opportunity to resign a lease and stay longer, I doubt I would. The drugs, people, lack of a clean gym, the consistent pot culture, and just overall feel of the apartment would make me want to call somewhere else my home.  – Derrick 


Overall, Meadowood Apartments aren’t the worst in the world. They’re certainly not the best either. I enjoyed the price point and the spaciousness of the apartments, but I agree with a lot of Derrick’s sentiments as well. When I move in somewhere, I expect there to be no major issues like plumbing and I expect a somewhat safe environment, both of which were contrary to what I felt I had at times. Oh, and on a small little side note, make sure to read the lease extremely carefully. — Daulton

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