Missing Excel Rows & How to Get Them Back

Missing Excel Rows & How to Get Them Back

Missing Rows in Excel - Tutorial Intro

Missing Rows in Excel

Whenever you’re given a spreadsheet from someone else, chances are the owner knows exactly where all the information and logic to the spreadsheet are stored.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always so easy to just pick up a spreadsheet and know exactly where everything is in the table. Maybe this is the case and it seems like the spreadsheet is missing information, or more specifically, rows. We’ll cover how to reveal those rows that are apparently missing from your spreadsheet. I’ve guest posted this article before on Engineers Everyday, if you want to check out the original you can find it here.



There’s a couple of different things that can make it seem like your spreadsheet is missing rows or data that are important to you.

We’ll cover three different methods to find those pesky missing excel rows.

Missing Excel Rows - Beginning
  1. Unhiding Missing Excel Rows

The first thing you should try to do is ‘Unhide’ These rows. Do this by selecting the rows around the range you want to unhide.

Missing Rows in Excel - Unhiding Part #1

Right click, and then select the unhide option towards the bottom of the drop down menu.

Finding missing excel rows - Unhide Part #2

Hopefully, your rows were just hidden and now you should be able to access the information stored in these rows.

2. Adjusting Row Height

But what if that doesn’t work? Then you could try approach number two. Maybe your rows weren’t hidden. Therefore unhiding them will do no good.

Perhaps someone that owned the spreadsheet before you just made the rows so small that it appears that they aren’t there.

We can fix this issue by altering the height of the rows in the highlighted region.

Finding missing Excel Rows - Increasing Height

To fix this issue, highlight the range of cells that include the missing rows like we did before.

Then, on the top ribbon, click on the format option. And then select ‘Row Height’

Finding Missing Excel Rows - Adjusting Height


You will then be prompted to enter a value for the row height. A height of 18 should be plenty visible to see.

After clicking ‘OK’, if your rows were just super small, you should now be able to view them once again.

3. Unfiltering The Rows

That still doesn’t work, Am I doomed to forever not seeing my rows?

If both of these didn’t work for you, that means Excel is doing something to prevent from displaying these rows on its end. How do you only show certain rows within a spreadsheet? By using a filter.

In this picture, it’s very easy to see the filter because it was applied on the row directly above where the missing rows are.

However, if you’re dealing with a very large filter, it is sometimes very easy to not visually see the filter being applied. It could on row 20, and your hidden rows can be on row 2000.

Finding Missing Excel Rows - Unfiltering

To clear all filters on the page, you can go to the sort and filter tab on the home ribbon, click it, and then go to the clear option. This will clear all applied filters to the data set.

Finding Missing Excel Rows - Unfilter #2

And there you go! Your rows will be displayed. I’m confident that one of these three solutions will make your once missing excel rows visible once again.

Now on to the next inevitable Excel Problem. 

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