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The Tech Industry knows the future

Seems crazy right? I'm not trying to convince you that the tech industry is a bunch of future tellers, but rather the tech industry knows the future because they're creating it. If you create something, then of course you know your plans. Large businesses have to know their plans very far in advance. If you don't, then you'll never survive. But why is this important? As the creators of the future, the tech industry knows whats coming, and they've been trying to warn everyone for a long time.

So What's Coming

Andrew Yang has many policies, ideas, beliefs, etc. I'm not writing this article in any political manner. I'm not trying to encourage you to vote one way or another. But I want to draw your attention to something. In the year 2020, we have a candidate that "gets" it. It's not hard to see how the world will change with a technology revolution, however many people believe it is science fiction. As someone who cares about the average worker emmensely, having spent many hours in "blue collar" jobs myself, the future that is coming for many professions is grim.

What will the world look like after a tech revolution?

What will our future look like?

I don't want to be a fortune teller myself, but let's look into what a realistic future will probably be:

  • Automation of most jobs requiring little to no dynamic action. (Repetitive, Quality, Supply Chains, Accounting, etc.)
  • A fully connected web of business - Interactions between businesses should be automatic
  • Highly targeted ads on everyone not making conscious efforts to prevent it
  • Those with the ability to have insights into data will prevail

So what's the problem? The problem nations will soon find themselves in is how to provide purpose to individuals whenever they no longer have employment. Jobs and work are ingrained in many cultures as a sense of purpose. When you ask "What do you do?" to a stranger, it is not uncommon to hear the response of their title with their current employeer.

It's no secret that millenials want to have purpose in their work place and feel like they're creating impact. Older generations? They were raised on the basis that you have to work. Someone that doesn't work, "shouldn't eat." So we will have a huge population that needs to work to be content and no purpose to give them.

So what do we do?

As people, we will need to embrace this freedom that technology gives us. It would be foolish to just not automate tasks in order to save jobs. Machines bring high efficiency, which drives down prices, which makes progress quicker. We all want to build a better world and machines get us there quicker.

How do we find purpose? Those working in the tech industry will always find work. The coordination of robotics, algorithms, software, computers, and People will always be in demand in the coming era. I believe this is one for sure way to increase your job security - by learning to program. But what about everyone else?

What will the world look like after a tech revolution?

We need to build a world in which everyone can add value

People can add value in so many ways and it's exciting to "free" up more people from their tedious jobs to add value. Service industries will be in demand. Human interaction is something that will become luxury - you'll want your barber to be human and your waitress to not require charging. We'll forever trust daycare to humans (maybe with some machine help), and I would never want the surgeons in my operating room to be only robots.

But how do we provide jobs to everyone - even those unskilled or anti-social? We've neglected the world we live in to increase progress. As progress ensues, we should really look to correct some of our wrong doings in the best way that we can. With an increased release of workers from their jobs, we have the power create communities we can be proud of. I'm not saying I have the solution - we still need to earn money to support ourselves and dependents, but imagine a world in which we were somehow able to monetize community growth. Encouraging those that need work to improve their surrounds and reward them for it. How powerful would that be to have in place by the time a robotic revolution becomes widespread?

Take Aways

Thanks for reading this post - I can tell that you are someone that will help shape the future by not thinking what I'm saying is nonsense. I want to encourage you to think about how you could make the world around you a better place and monetize it. Could you open a service shop around you? Could you create a landscaping business? Run a drive in theater?Think what could you do if your job no longer required you - not what would you do.

The people around you will need leadership, which they received through their employers before. Be a community leader and give that value to your neighbors.

Derrick Sherrill

By: Derrick Sherrill

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