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Website Rebrand

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Welcome to my new site! My old website was built using WordPress and I felt it was time to upgrade. The new framework for the website is Python django. Hopefully this makes a better user experience by being able to place examples right on the webpage.

Goals for the Site

Accumulate Project Tutorials

Practice makes perfect. I want this site to have an abundance of practice problems and guides to help grow people's understanding.

Last updated 8/7/2019

Encourage Feedback

Without you, the reader, the site is pointless. I want to develop tutorials that are the best for you. This is only done with encouraging and receiving feedback.

Last updated 8/7/2019

Help Others

This all started as a few YouTube videos that helped people. Seeing people "get it" caused the next step. Helping Others is a foundation of the site.

Last updated 8/7/2019

Derrick Sherrill

By: Derrick Sherrill

Thanks for visiting my page! I'm working hard to make the best content I can for you. I love watching people learn and teaching others. Happy Coding!

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