Automate Excel Reporting (2019 Guide)

How to Automate Excel Reporting

How To Automate Excel Reporting with Python (2019 Guide)


How to Begin Automating Excel Reports

Automating excel reports is a very broad topic, but I want to give you a few techniques to get you started.

The go to package to begin automating excel reports is pandas. Pandas is useful for dealing with tabular data - Which is perfect for dealing with data from Excel!

How should we go about beginning to automate excel reporting?

  • Import Data into python (pandas package)
  • Do calculations on the data using pandas, numpy, or any other python library
  • Create data visualizations using matplotlib, plotly, or others
  • output your results to some other service. Such as uploading graphings programatically, outputing excel files, etc.

We'll cover all these in the Youtube video below:

How to Start Automating Excel Reporting

These are just a few videos that can help you get started. I'm always adding more and always looking for suggestions. If you're needing help or get stuck, I do user requested videos all the time. Just let me know!

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