Automate Multiple Sheet Excel Reporting - Python Automation Tutorial | Full Code Walk Through (2019)

Automate Multiple Sheet Excel Reporting - Python Automation Tutorial | Full Code Walk Through (2019)


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Python Automation Tutorial In this one we'll cover the basics of how to automate your excel reports. I know I did this video previously, but I felt it was time to redo that one. In this one we'll cover pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib for creating reports from multiple excel spreadsheets. #Python #Automation #Excel Here's the excel workbooks from this video -- Here's the full python beginners course to get you started using python- Playlists you might consider interesting: Pandas for beginners NumPy Course (Free from Udemy) Hey Everyone! In this video we're covering the basics of how to automate your multiple sheet excel reporting using python. We'll cover the basics of everything you need to get started using pandas, numpy, matplotlib and python to automate Excel. There's a lot more in depth stuff about automating excel reporting than what is covered in this video, so subscribe to the channel and I'll have the medium and advanced level videos up soon! Let me know any feedback or any trips you have for automating excel reporting and I'll be sure to feature you (and the tips) in an upcoming video. Thanks so much for watching and I hope this video helps you automate excel reporting. Join The Socials -- Picking Shoutouts Across YouTube, Insta, FB, and Twitter! FB - Insta - Twitter - LinkedIn - GitHub - Thanks so much for all the support! It's crazy that this topic catapulted my channel about a year ago and now I get to type this (and make an improved version) a year later. Thanks so much for supporting me. This one feels surreal. I appreciate you all so much! 5100+ subscribers and climbing. Thank you all. ***************************************************************** Full code from the video: import pandas as pd import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt excel_file_1 = 'shift-data.xlsx' excel_file_2 = 'third-shift-data.xlsx' df_first_shift = pd.read_excel(excel_file_1, sheet_name='first') df_second_shift = pd.read_excel(excel_file_1, sheet_name='second') df_third_shift = pd.read_excel(excel_file_2) print(df_first_shift) print(df_first_shift['Product']) df_all = pd.concat([df_first_shift, df_second_shift, df_third_shift]) print(df_all) pivot = df_all.groupby(['Shift']).mean() shift_productivity = pivot.loc[:,"Production Run Time (Min)":"Products Produced (Units)"] print(shift_productivity) #shift_productivity.plot(kind='bar') df_all.to_excel("output.xlsx") Packages (& Versions) used in this video: Python 3.7 NumPy 1.17 Pandas 0.15.0 Matplotlib Mac OS operating system ***************************************************************** Code from this tutorial and all my others can be found on my GitHub: Check out my website: If you liked the video - please hit the like button. It means more than you know. Thanks for watching and thank you for all your support!! Always looking for suggestions on what video to make next -- leave me a comment with your project! Happy Coding!

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