Free SSL with Cloudflare & Google Domains

Custom Google Domain with Heroku App

Connect Free SSL from Cloudflare to Google Domain



  • Have a Domain
  • Have a CloudFlare account


  • CloudFlare:
  • Login to CloudFlare
  • Click "+ Add a Site"
  • Type in your domain (without www prefix) (Ex.
  • Click Add
  • Choose the Free plan and click "Confirm Plan"
  • Review DNS records and click continue
  • Take note of the two new name servers provided (Or just leave Tab open)

  • Google Domains:
  • Click "DNS" of your domain
  • Select "use custom nameservers"
  • Copy in the first nameserver from cloudflare
  • Click the + on the right, and add the second nameserver
  • Click Save

  • CloudFlare
  • Go back to cloudflare and click "Check Nameservers"
  • Your Site should now be activated through CloudFlare

  • Go to SSL/TLS Tab on CloudFlare
  • Select "Flexible" as your SSL Certificate
  • Scroll down and turn on "Always use HTTPS"

  • Your Website should now be using CloudFlare SSL - Sometimes activation takes 24 Hours

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