Set up a Custom Domain for your Heroku App

Custom Google Domain with Heroku App

Custom Heroku App Domain with Google Domains



  • Have a heroku app
  • Already have purchased domain name


  • Heroku:
  • Click on your app on the heroku site
  • Navigate to the app's settings
  • Click "Add Custom Domain"
  • Type in your domain name including the www. prefix (Ex: )
  • Take note of the DNS Target created to the right. (Or just leave the tab open)

  • Google Domains:
  • Scroll down to synthetic records
  • Make sure subdomain forward is selected, the type "@" in the subdomain (Just the at symbol)
  • Select "Permanent Redirect (301)" and "Forward Path". Leave SSL Disabled
  • Then type in your domain you want to forward to (www included) (Ex.
  • Click Add

  • Scroll down to Custom Resource Records
  • In the first blank type: www
  • Next select "CNAME" for the record type
  • Add your DNS address from Heroku into the DNS Target

  • Your heroku app should now be live at your custom domain - Might take a few minutes

    Want to secure it with free SSL? View this post on how to do that.

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